Get Free PSN Codes For Sony PlayStation

Get Free PSN Codes by our high-end PSN code generator that is made for those who cannot effort to buy all the requirement like games a PlayStation needs. No survey, no tricks, just some free PSN codes.

Free PSN Codes 4 Cards

How to get free PSN codes?​

So how to get those Free PSN Codes? At our website, it is very easy to get those gift cards. You have them within 2 minutes of your time! Let me show you some steps on how to get started with PSNArea”:

  1. Start by pressing the button.
  2. Now you go to the official PSNArea app.
  3. Start earning points.
  4. Choose the code you want.
  5. Check your email.
  6. Redeem the code in the PS store

So this is quite easy to do right? It was much work to make it this easy, but if we want to allow all people to get PlayStation Codes for Free, it must be easy and straight forward to use. So where are you waiting for getting your code today!

Why earning with PSNArea?

Many websites giving the same thing as we do but be aware first of all, many of them are fake and will not provide you with anything. Besides that, there are a lot of rewarding sites those day or maybe more recognizable under the term points earning website. Those are more legally, right?

The answer to this is no, not even close; both websites are not safe. So earning points makes no sense because, in the end, those websites are earning much more money because you need to fill out at least 30 surveys to get a 10 dollar code. So besides that fact that we are easy to use, and do not have surveys, it is also so that we are the fastest. The reason we are that fast is that we do not ask you to fill out a stupid survey.

  • Press the button

    Press the button to get started and start earning points.

  • Choose a card

    You can choose between, $100, $75, $50, $25 and a PS Plus Card

  • Redeem the code

    Redeem the code on your PS4 and add the dollars to your account!

What can you do with a free PSN code

Free PSN Codes are the same thing as money. However, then, online money! It is a gift card that can be redeemed, and that means when you redeem the code, you will get the money on your account. So if you choose for a 50 dollar PS card, and you redeem it then you have added 50 dollars to your PS account.

Oke, nice this money on my account but what can I do with it? Great question you ask there so let me show you in a small list:

  • You can buy PS Plus.
  • You can buy every PS4 game for a lifetime.
  • You can buy DLC’s or other packets that extend your gaming experience.
  • You can buy all other things that are available in the PlayStation Store.

As you can see, using PSNArea is more than just worth your time. It saves you money and makes you happy.

PS4 Card 100 dollar

How Many Free PSN Codes can i earn?

A question that we get quite often is “oke I claimed one code, but I cannot buy the game I want how many cards can I generate?” This is an excellent question we understand that you cannot buy every game with 50 dollars, so what we did is that you can earn five code daily. In other worth, you can gain $ 250 PS credit a day. So why not start generating straight away, every day you did not generate a card from costs you money!

Is it legal to earn a free PSN code?

So now the only question that still exists is it legal to use it? Moreover, the answer is yes, there is no way you can be banned. There is not even a chance that they know that you entered a generated code because they have so many codes. They do not understand what we generate codes. So, in the end, yes, it is legal to use!

So how to gain access?

Having just an internet connection at your home is not enough to get have access to the PlayStation Network. To gain access to the PS network, you need to buy a PlayStation Plus Subscription. Find out in the next paragraph how to get those Free PS Plus Codes for the playStation.

Free ps4 codes

So what is the difference here between the term free PS4 codes and PS codes? This is sometimes confusing for our users, and we try to dodge this with this paragraph. Free PS4 codes are the as PlayStation codes the only difference is that one term has PS4 and the other term PSN, but in the end, they are all the same. Why is there some confusion about this? This is because there are more PlayStation consoles then only the PS4 console, there is a PS3 and a PSP.

So can you use our codes on you PS3 or PS4? Moreover, once more, the answer to this is yes, every PlayStation console that has access to the PlayStation store can use our free psn cards!

What is PlayStation network

We talk a lot about the PlayStation network, but what is it? The PS Network is the online environment on PlayStation, so if you want to play games online with your friend, you need access to the PlayStation network from Sony.

Free 100%
Legal 100%
No survey 100%

Safe Free PSN Codes

Our codes are are safe to use! i


The only legal way to get ps money.


Quick payment overall

No costs at all

There are no hidden costs or something like

Free PS plus codes

You can now also get Free PS Plus Codes by using PSNArea! There are two ways to get Free PlayStation Plus Codes at PSNArea:

  1. Obtain a PlayStation Code, redeem it in the PS Store and buy PS Plus.
  2. Obtain a Free PlayStation Plus Code at our website instantly by choosing for the PS Plus card

However, why should you select PlayStation Plus Codes over Free PS4 codes? If you do not have a valid PlayStation plus subscription, then I suggest you get a Free PS Plus code before claiming something else.


The reason for this is that gaming is all about online there only a few games like FIFA career mode or GTA 5 that do not require a Plus subscription. However, there are also many games that require a PlayStation Plus subscription. Most of them are, you can think about Fortnite or Call Of Duty They all need an internet connection.

Free PS Plus Codes

PlayStation Plus Features

  • Access to the PlayStation network ( you can now game online )
  • You will obtain every month several free games that you will be yours for always
  • You can now talk to friends through your headset if you have one.
  • You get huge discounts on new PS4 Games

So besides that fact that you will get PS Network access, you will also receive some free games that you can play forever, and if isn’t that enough you get huge discount on many games, and those deals change every month.

So if think about it, when you first get a code you will not have these discount on the games, another reason to gain PlayStation plus over new games.

The PS store is the store inside your PS4. When you have an account what is required, you have access to that store, and you can buy everything you like. Every game that you can buy in those is also buyable inside the network store.

Don't fall for scams

Do not get scammed we know that there many sites that provide the same things as we do. However, none of them are working correctly; we are the first fair website that gives some codes. So stop getting scammed by those sites we warned you to make sure kids will not get scammed.

So, what do you think? Is this website worth a try? We believe it is and that you will press on that button to earn yourself a card without spending too many time of your life. So where are you waiting for getting some it now!

Final word

So, what do you think? Is this website worth a try? We believe it is and that you will press on that button to earn yourself a card without spending to any time of your life. So where are you waiting for getting some free PSN codes now!

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