PlayStation 5 Release Date And What We Know So Far.

PlayStation 5 Release Date And What We Know So Far.

PlayStation 5 release date and what we know so far.

The PlayStation 5, many people ask us when does the PlayStation 5 release and what does it have?
In this rumor blog, we talk about the best rumor that we have read and heart about the PlayStation 5.

When does the PlayStation 5 release?

Sony thinks that it is realistic that the release date will be in the year 2021. The analyst Michael Pachter Suggested that the release date will be in 2020 but most people say it will be 2021 because 2020 is too early!

In 2021 the television makers like Samsung also expect that over 60% the tv’s will be in 4k resolution and this is needed for the PlayStation 5. We can see that sony works on 4k gaming since they released the PlayStation 4 that also has 4k formation but this is a boosted PlayStation 4 and of course, the PlayStation 5 will do this a lot better and have better and expensive techniques! Besides that, the PlayStation 4 pro is very successful for Sony so why should they upgrade before 2021?

PlayStation is the market leader at the moment and I think PlayStation will come up with a lot of awesome stuff in the future to keep this high-quality marketing position.

PlayStation 5 Features

this is only rumors and we hope that that option will come, we are only not sure that it really will come. We almost know for sure that the PlayStation 5 will be a full 4k HDR console with a lot more power then the PlayStation 4 pro has. Playing games 4k at 60 FPS should be no problem, there are even rumors that sony force to play 4k at 120 FPS. Sony is also working on a 4k streaming system for the PlayStation 5. Games are bigger those days and in 2021 the games will be bigger again so sony will come up with a 2 TB hard disk and they forget about the 500gb model and the 1 TB model.

Yes, you also can add an external USB 3.0 drive for extra storage but sony try to lock that system so that you only can buy a Sony extended hard drive for the PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5 pricing.

The Xbox one x will cost 450 dollars and sony mostly tries to defeat this price to a smaller one but this year 2021 should the price difference smaller then it was on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This time it should be 50 dollars 50% less. We think that the PlayStation 5 will be sold for 400$.

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Hori PS4 Controller with Xbox One Look | Xbox One Controller on PS4

Hori PS4 Controller with Xbox One Look | Xbox One Controller on PS4

Hori ps4 controller with Xbox looks!

Hori is the company that released well-known quality gaming products, such as controllers. This year the company will launch a brand new model ps4 controller that it just like the Xbox one controller. It feels like an Xbox controller and works like an Xbox controller. But this controller is a 100% working PlayStation 4 controller. The onyx controllers had just like the ps4 controller a direct Bluetooth connectivity. It has a touchpad and a good vibrating, and even the 2 sticks are feeling like the Xbox one controller. So if you like the Xbox controller more but like the PlayStation console more then this is the perfect solution for you. Or just for people that want something special instead of the old ps4 DualShock controller.

Hori Onyx xbox controller for ps4

Personally, I like the ps4 controller more, but I have friends that always say “I cant play on a ps4 controller I have an Xbox one controller” in that case you can see oke wait a min an I will dig in this beast and I tell them to show them what they got.

The Hori’s Onyx Controller will be available on January 15, maybe it is another date for your country so check the official Hori website:

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