Who are we? What are we doing, and why? So we are PSNArea 3 students our names are David(me), Coen(my partner and developer) and Lizy( customer service ). We started this project because we are all loving to play PlayStation now and then. However, we do not have much time, so Lizy bought a PS plus subscription in the local store some time ago. However, she only used it eight times in one year. She told us, and we say wow when you game not many it is even more expensive.

Three days later, our developer has made a solution for this problem a brand new generator. Of course, we knew that there where already many generators out there so how can we be the best one. So we tried them all, and we look that disadvantages of that website, and we improved it for our website. That was the begin time; nowadays we are one of the best companies out there for getting free PSN codes without any problem.

Do you want more information about our website or team or something else? Feel free to contact us right now

Carl Fernandez Owner PSNArea

Carl Fernandez

Owner PSNArea

Carl is the owner of the earning website PSNArea.

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