How to Change your PlayStation Network name?

How to Change your PlayStation Network name?

How to change your PSN Name?

How can you change your PlayStation Network Name, PlayStation users cannot change their PlayStation network name at the moment, but this will be changed in 2018. This was hinted at during the opening events of the PlayStation Experience.

When the Sin SEO Shawn L: Aydan was interviewed by Greg Miller on Fryday and was asked about the name-changing in the future. He first made a joke about it and told that elves were hard at work on this option, but he then admitted that implementing the technology was not that easy if many people think. When going in details on the subject, Layden said that he hopes this option will come in 2018, but he is not sure yet. He also hopes that similar question will not be asked in the future because they are working on this option.

If we compare other platforms, changing names had been an option for a while now. The biggest PSN competitor Xbox, for example, has had the option for a while with Xbox users being able to change their names for the past 5 years.. it starts off free with users getting one change to change their name, and later they will need to buy a name change.

But if PlayStation looks at it in a commercial way they can improve the there profit a lot. Games such a League Of Legends. This games asked also a fee to change your name, and many people do this every now and then.

In the end Sony will have their hands full during PSN Experience with other reveals, so while viewers, so we do not expect any more information about this soon, by sony, is working on it.

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