If you have any questions feel free to ask so, we are a small company that tries to serve support 24/7, but we also need to sleep, so we have a 24 hour reply time. In most cases, we reply within 30 minutes, but with a small team that not makes a profit, it is not always that easy! So keep in mind our service is 100% free so be patient if you need us


What if you need help right now or just a bit more information about all of this? Simple we have implemented a very good life that that van serve your need without any problems. Lizy is one the head of the customer’s service, and when she is at the office, she always tries to react within 5 minutes. However, also keep in mind with lizy, they need sleep so not 24/7, but when she is online, she is almost that quick you would not even see it.


There are always cases that our system refuse to work, so if this is the case, please contact us and give us as many information you got. It cannot be enough, so you can send us screenshots, video or what ever you like. Why? Because only this way we can fix the issue fast and we also do not spend much time searching what you are meaning. With a screenshot, we can see it with one eye and fix it straight

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