Hori PS4 Controller with Xbox One Look | Xbox One Controller on PS4

Hori PS4 Controller with Xbox One Look | Xbox One Controller on PS4

Hori ps4 controller with Xbox looks!

Hori is the company that released well-known quality gaming products, such as controllers. This year the company will launch a brand new model ps4 controller that it just like the Xbox one controller. It feels like an Xbox controller and works like an Xbox controller. But this controller is a 100% working PlayStation 4 controller. The onyx controllers had just like the ps4 controller a direct Bluetooth connectivity. It has a touchpad and a good vibrating, and even the 2 sticks are feeling like the Xbox one controller. So if you like the Xbox controller more but like the PlayStation console more then this is the perfect solution for you. Or just for people that want something special instead of the old ps4 DualShock controller.

Hori Onyx xbox controller for ps4

Personally, I like the ps4 controller more, but I have friends that always say “I cant play on a ps4 controller I have an Xbox one controller” in that case you can see oke wait a min an I will dig in this beast and I tell them to show them what they got.

The Hori’s Onyx Controller will be available on January 15, maybe it is another date for your country so check the official Hori website: http://stores.horiusa.com/

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